An open letter to General Practice.

18th March 2024

Dear General Practice,

You won’t have heard of us because we’ve had our heads down for the past 5 years, busy working on a solution to one of the most challenging problems facing the NHS... IT infrastructure that is not fit for purpose.

We hadn’t planned on announcing ourselves yet.

However, after recent events, we feel compelled to tell you that there is finally a new alternative to the attitudes and software that you are forced to endure.

We are ready to go live with the first new GP System in 25 years after a successful live GP Practice pilot last year.

NHS England have commissioned new alternatives to the incumbent GP systems, but we need your local expertise to get Medicus rolled out across the country.

If you want a supplier who is aligned to your values, then please sign up for the NHS support to cover your costs in switching to a new system.

Signature - Emile Axelrad

Emile Axelrad

Signature - Tim Gray

Tim Gray

‍Founders of Medicus Health