We love big challenges.

We founded Medicus because we’re compelled to tackle the hardest problems in society and leave a positive lasting legacy.

We recognised that if we want to enable true innovation in healthcare delivery, we need to stop applying sticky plasters and start replacing the core infrastructure.

An image of the Medicus team on our terrace.

Here at Medicus, every member of our team comes to work each day motivated to improve the NHS.

We think there’s a better way of going about things and our approach is simple:

  • Listen to what clinicians really need and be prepared to “roll your sleeves up”
  • Maintain a relentless focus on the quality of our products
  • Always focus on better outcomes for patients & practitioners
  • Build a sense of community and share best practice
  • Be authentic, down to earth and honest
An image of the Medicus team at Christmas.